Western Independent Recordings WIR 0116

Songs From The Fog - Vol. 2

Trk. Artist/Song Information, Credits, Lyrics
1. Maurice Tani: Out With The Old
2. Ira Marlowe: Brother Time
3. Jim Bruno: Matter of Time
4. Amy Obenski & The Carbone Band: Some Kinda Change
5. Beth Marlin: Hog Farmer's Wife
6. Gayle Lynn & The Hired Hands: Rodeo Queen
7. Teja Gerken: 5927 California Street
8. Aireene Espiritu: This Song
9. Andrew Blair: Table For One
10. George Kincheloe: Gone
11. Aireene Espiritu: All Souls Day
12. Gayle Lynn & The Hired Hands: Back Home
13. Amy Obenski: Clearly Today
14. Teja Gerken: Seven Years
15. Andrew Blair & We Became Owls: I'm Your
16. Beth Marlin: Are You Listening
17. Maurice Tani: Take Me With You When You Go Too Far
18. Ira Marlowe: Cartoons
19. Jim Bruno: We Were Blind


(Jim Bruno)

I should never got this blue tattoo
It's like a scar that was left by you
Maybe half of what you said was true
But in the end it didn't matter

You should have never called me from Molene
Late at night on that Halloween
A fading voice from a faded dream
And one that's torn and tattered

You were shaken
I was shattered
We were blind

I should have never met your family drunk
I came across like stone cold punk
They treated me like a piece of junk
I apologized for the bender

You should have told me what was going on
It hit my heart like a cherry bomb
Our own emotional Viet Nam
And in the end we both surrendered

You were young
I was tender
We were blind

I heard you moved back to San Antone
With a drummer who goes by Ramone
Does he thrill you like I thrilled you back then

I should have never tried to call your bluff
I should have seen that you'd had enough
And even then when the times got tough
I thought you'd come back crawling

You should have never screamed at me like that
As serious as a heart attack
I tried to tell you, I don't need the flak
But you knew that I was stalling

You were slipping
I was falling
We were blind

© 2013 Jimmy Bruno Music (BMI)

Lead Vocals: Jim Bruno
Guitars: Jim Bruno and John Kuntz
Drums: Boone Spooner
Bass: Brian Courtney


Jim Bruno is a San Francisco Bay Area based published songwriter and currently teaches courses in Songwriting at Foothill College in Los Altos Hill, CA and at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, CA.

Songs he’s written have been recorded and released by Shawn Colvin, Mary Lou Lord, Cliff Eberhardt, Maurice Tani and Laurie MacAlister of Red Molly. Songs he’s co-written have been recorded and released by Chuck Prophet and Thad Cockrell.

As a performing songwriter he’s performed at the Greenwich Village Folk Festival, the Udine Folk Festival in Udine, Italy and has toured many times in Europe. He also played bass, guitar and sang in the Shawn Colvin Band and often performed with Shawn as a duet. He recently released his own album of all original songs called ‘Alright Alright’.

He’s negotiated and signed numerous song publishing agreements. Among others these publishers include Bug Music and the Welk Music Group in Los Angeles, and Largo Music in New York. In addition to his having his own publishing company, Jimmy Bruno Music, as a songwriter he currently has a music publishing agreement with Universal Music Group. He is an affiliated Publisher and Songwriter with BMI and the Harry Fox Agency and a voting member of the Recording Academy.